FABULOUS TENTS & CATERERS are the premier tent makers in Kenya. We provide tents and equipment for hire to individuals, corporate world and various organizations for assorted functions ranging from wedding receptions to corporate party events.

The company deals with many types of events management services such as:

  1. Weddings
  2. Government Functions
  3. Diplomatic Receptions
  4. Corporate functions and Trainings
  5. Wedding Receptions and Catering Services
  6. Birthday Parties, Dinner & Cocktail Parties, among many more.

The company is based in the Kenya capital of Nairobi with a client base across the whole country.
We provide single or customized solutions for tents, tableware, dressed tables and chairs, cutlery and transport.
Our outside catering services range from exotics and tasty foods to catering personnel like waiters, cooks and cleaners. The company policy is to provide the best of both manpower and equipment to make your function a memorable success.

FABULOUS TENTS tent making division is well known for quality and long lasting tents and canopies. The following are the most popular types of tents among its customers. The customer can chose any color but subject to availability:
Modern high peak, Pyramid and Flat roof
The company also provides function decorations to organizations such as:
Church deco, Vehicle deco, Reception Deco, Political parties function branding,
Floral and plants arrangement

For the tents, the company makes and hires out tents for the following capacities
50pax seater, 100pax seater, 200pax seater, we can host an event of upto 2500pax.
The holiday months of April, August and December are very popular for functions especially wedding and corporate functions, so we advice our customers to book well in advance.

So, next you need to buy or hire a tent, or you have an upcoming function, just contact FABULOUS TENTS, the leading tent makers in Kenya for an appointment and our sales personnel will get back to you soonest to discuss details of your requirements.

Tent Ordering and booking requirements:

  1. Venue of the function
  2. The number of people attending
  3. The type of the function
  4. Wedding tent for hire or purchase